This is the most recent map of Texas after … well, you know.

Some Brief Words on Haven Hollow and The OWCL
by Dr. Benjamin Brittle, Ph.D., Digital Archivist

Nestled in the northeast corner of Texas, Haven Hollow is often referred to as a “best kept secret.” (though I always wonder whether that means we are A best kept secret, or that we are BEST KEPT SECRET.)

The city was founded in 1901 by Orson Buford Welles III, heir to an outhouse fortune (his father developed extra private outhouses by removing the moon cutout on the door.) He came to Texas fleeing arrest warrants related to outstanding debts incurred by his chain of Big Old Timey Bicycle shops.

The original town motto “You Are Here” was replaced after a burst of civic pride in 1995 with the current motto “Home of the 1995 Most Okayest Rest Stop.”
The L
ibrary was founded in 1905 after the passing of its namesake. The initial collection consisted of Welles’ own personal library (honestly, mostly pamphlets and cheap gossip rags he picked up to pass the time.) 

The Orson Welles Community Library motto  is Magis Quam Estis Intelligentes Ex MCMV which translates – very roughly – to “Smarter Than You Since 1905.”