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OWCL Library Card ImageThe Atomic Library follows the dedicated staff and quirky patrons of The Orson Welles Community Library of Haven Hollow, TX, just a short time after the ALLPOCALYPSE. Yep – that means if it could go wrong, it did go wrong. How was life as we know it not completely wiped out? Well… that is a question for a science podcast. This is audio fiction.

Anyway, some things never change – overdue fines, understaffing, municipal bureaucracy, spotty wi-fi…

Created, written, produced, and everything else by Chriss Chaney and Lara Tabri, who together have 20+ years of Library experience and –

Oooh – Is This Based on Real People?

Oh wow – no. Here is the thing: if you work in public service long enough, and talk to enough people in public service, you find some situations and personalities are universal. And then you exaggerate them for comic effect. Most of our cast is working or has worked in libraries, local government, public schools – so we aren’t down on careers in the public sector. If you like to help and to have a positive impact on your community, the public sector is for you. But this isn’t career counseling so…

Can My Kid Listen to This Podcast?

We think so! Every parent has their own standards, but we kept language mild (“damn” or “hell”) and infrequent and any “adult situations” are of the PG variety.

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And for goodness sake…

Use Your Local Library!