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Season 1

Transcript AL 1.01 Inventory Day

Transcript AL 1.02 A Visit From the City Manager

Transcript AL bookEND Marjorie

Transcript AL 1.03 In Search of… A Reference Librarian

Transcript AL 1.04 Feral Story Hour

Transcript AL bookEND Benjamin Brittle

Transcript AL 1.05 The Library Conference

Transcript AL 1.06 Ask the Reference Librarian

Transcript AL bookEND Constance

Transcript AL 1.07 Good Evening Haven Hollow

Transcript AL bookEND Hazel

Transcript AL 1.08 Happy Trails


Season 2

Transcript AL S2 Prologue 1 – Steal Away

Transcript coming soon

Transcript coming soon.

Transcript coming soon.

Transcript coming soon.