Chriss Chaney

Co-Creator, Writer, Producer, Sound Editor
Hazel Adams and Sheldon

3/4 mom life, 1/4 full-time Library worker, 100% military brat, who is also a writer, nail polish-peeler, dog-wrangler, carpentry enthusiast … and riddled with all the anxieties. Talk to her on Twitter @WriterChriss. She/Her

Lara Tabri

Co-Creator, Writer, Producer
Marjorie Slump

Lara is an Ohioan perpetually surprised she is still in Texas, a Library collection development professional (that’s selecting the books – not collecting overdue fines), and a poster child for Imposter Syndome. Her son is not impressed she has a podcast. @Inkywhisk on Twitter. She/Her

Aleya Stone

Dr. Benjamin Brittle

Aleya (the human on the right, not the kitty on the left) is an East Texas native, a capital-L Librarian and a voracious reader when she isn’t gaming. Find her on Twitter @bookishstone or She/Her

Alia “Q” Pappas

Starlandria Norwood, Bernice (Season 1)

Alia is a library worker/enthusiast and current Dallasite who spends her time finding good books, writing while snuggling her cats, and trying to keep the library she loves from going post-apocalyptic. Will act in exchange for pizza and a good cup of tea. Find her on Instagram at the_q_ster. She/Her

Alisha Skelton-Donley

The Ghost

“What do you want in your bio, Alisha?”
“Just say I’m old. And tired.”

Ashley Taylor

Leslie Hugo, The City Manager

Ashley is a real-life Library director, introvert, and possible robot. She has not installed cameras over the staff desks. Yet. Maybe. She/Her

Catherine Kelso

The Director, Clyde McBride

Catherine says she used to be interesting but now she too is just old and tired. She knitted that hat though. That’s pretty interesting! She/Her

Erin O’Quinn

Karen Lovemore, Mandy Wolf

Erin is a below-average parker who is honestly trying her best, an avid dog-petter wherever she wanders, and a shameless pun enthusiast. She/Her

Nathan Hood

Manchester “Man” Lee Adams

Nathan is an East Texas implant from Glasgow, Scotland. He co-owns Another World Productions. He/Him

Rebecca Hale

Constance the Temp

AKA Becca. AKA B.B. AKA That Bitch. Becca is a theatre manager in Tyler, TX. She likes dogs, tacos, and being kind to people. She is the funniest person she knows. (She might need to get out more.) Reach her at BeccaLovesBacon on Instagram. She/Her

Shirlee McKay

Starlandria and Bernice (Season 2)

Shirlee is an East TX native, former theater kid, current theater adult, mom, Cubmaster, Young Hero’s Director for the charity Heroic Inner Kids, anime fan, and semi-pro nerd. She co-owns and is a regular voice on the podcast Paranoria, TX. She/Her


Jarren Chaney

Guitar Guy!

Jarren is a fire-fighting metalhead and the Atomic Library house musician. Conan is a good boy. He/Him, and He/Him

Veronica Escamilla-Brady

Voiceover narrator

Veronica is the creator and gamemaster of Welcome to St. Paxton (formerly Cthulhu and Friends), an actual play podcast with immersive sound design on the Geekly Inc. network. She/Her